Bavarian Forest 5 Days 2022
Orienteering Cup
Viechtach & Bodenmais

30 July - 3 August 2022

A 5 day orienteering competition in the fantastic nature of the Bavarian Forest.

Here, we will add information once available:

  • 5 Stages: 4 forest stages, 1 city sprint!
  • Totally new areas: 5 new areas, never mapped or used before!
  • Activity holiday options: Loads of things to do for the entire family!
  • Great accommodationMany accommodation options from top hotels and holiday flats to youth hostel and camping park!

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  • Map Maker: Ingo Horst
  • Responsible Timing and IT: Simon  Harston

Update: 12 August 2021

We have been working on the city sprint stage of the BF5Days. The town of Viechtach has been confirmed and is very keen on hosting us. They will provide a large parking area 5 minutes walk from the town square where the event centre and the finish line will be located. The mapping of the competition area has been progressing nicely. You can find map samples and some photos of Viechtach below. This is an intricate area with small passages, steep staircases and narrow alleyways, in short: An orienteer’s dream. It nearly seems like there is no right angle in this entire town.

We have also secured the event centre for the main forest stages. This is a purposely built cross country skiing centre which lies unused in summer so it is just waiting for us. It provides shelter, toilets and ample parking with a large meadow for the runners to get ready before heading into the Forest.

We have further explored the main forest map “Rote Höhe” (Red Ridge) looking for control post locations. Remember what Ingo Horst, our map maker had to say regarding the terrain: “In parts this is the nicest terrain in which I was allowed to orienteer”. We see this as a confirmation that the rock strewn Bavarian Forest with its open woodlands will be that fantastic area we thought it would be! Above and below are some pictures of the new map and the forest.

Unfortunately, our plan to use the Waldbahn (the local railway) as a shuttle to the start of one forest section did not work out. While the railway was very keen on this idea and would have added more carriages to facilitate all of us, it was the competition area that just did not work out. We already have an alternative and will post further news here as they develop. 

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