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Update: 30 June 2021

The team has been busy with advancing the planning of the BF5Days. Our mapmaker, Ingo Horst, has finished the map of the main competition area, “Rote Höhe” (Red Ridge). This map will then be adjusted for changes in spring next year. Here is what Ingo has to say regarding the terrain: “In parts this is the nicest terrain in which I was allowed to orienteer”. We see this as a confirmation that the rock strewn Bavarian Forest with its open woodlands will be that fantastic area we thought it would be! Above and below are some pictures of the new map and the forest.

The city sprint has been confirmed to be in Viechtach, a beautiful old village with small alleys, passages and staircases in the city centre. We will post pictures and map samples soon.

We are still in discussion with the local authorities about a special arrangement: We hope to run one of the middle distance days in the hills bordering the scenic Regen gorge. As there is not enough space to park, we will arrange a shuttle by the Waldbahn, the local forest railway. Parking will be within 300m of the train station, followed by a 15 minute scenic train ride along the Regen River to a small railway halt. From there it will be another 500m walk to the competition centre. Above is a picture of the Waldbahn, we will post more details once the arrangements have been confirmed.

And lastly, we made some minor changes to the Event Details so please check if you haven’t been on the page for a while: Most forest maps will now be of the scale 1-7,500 as this will better display the intricate terrain. Some start times have also been adjusted. 

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