Bavarian Forest 5 Days

After the BF5Days is bevor the BF5Days and we are already planning the 2025 edition, date and location are confirmed!

5 days of orienteering in the forests around Philippsreut in Bavaria and Kubova Hut in the Czech Republik

23 - 27 July 2025

Final News 1 June 2024

The preparations for the BF5Days 2024 are complete! Before the heavy rain came, we managed to pre-mark all 210 posts for the 4 forest days….and then check them again. At the same time, Ingo rechecked the maps, made some changes and now they are up to date. More on that later.

Although the maps look a bit green at first glance, the forest is generally very easy to run through. The courses touch only slightly on the dark green areas. There are few to no thorns. A few areas are covered with blueberry bushes, Ingo has reflected this in the map as follows: Symbol 407 (ground vegetation, slight running difficulty, good visibility) mainly marks areas with knee-high blueberries, while Symbol 409 (ground vegetation, severe running difficulty, good visibility) mainly marks areas with waist-high blueberries. These details are explained in more detail in the Event Brochure. There are again slopes covered with rocks and huge boulders typical of the Bavarian Forest, although not as extensive as in previous years. Elevation will be part of your day! On the last day, the start is from the summit of the Almberg, with a fantastic view all the way to the Alps.

The most important info is already in a PDF. This contains details on how to collect your start numbers, the distance from parking to the Start/Finish, and the addresses of the Event Centres. This year we have placed particular emphasis on keeping these distances short. The Finish is always at the event centre and the Start is never far away. Click on the buttons below for the course data and competition info. The Event Brochure with all the detailed info will follow shortly. Please check our website from time to time as we will post all the latest news and any changes there. The local Tourism Office will also be there on Friday with information and suggestions for other activities in the area.

We have runners from at least 25 countries and many of them will not speak German. Therefore, we will only use control descriptions in pictogram format. You can download the control descriptions for all Open and Youth classes (up to W/M12) using the link below, so that you can discuss the symbols with your children in advance of their run.

There will be a good supply of food and drink on offer during each of the forest days. There will be fries, meat from the grill, sausages in buns, cakes and of course a wide selection of drinks. Our sponsor Lang Brau will be offering its entire range. The catering will be provided by the local volunteer Fire Brigades, and any profits will go towards the funding of their local unit. As with last year, Ivana will be coming with her O-Café and offering her range of coffees and hot drinks. At the city sprint in Waldkirchen, the local restaurants will be offering food, drinks and ice cream in the area around the town square.

The Registration deadline is 16.06.2024. Late registration during Race Days is still possible, depending on map availabilities. Our BF5Days OL shirts are in production and can no longer be pre-ordered, but we have ordered a few more sizes for sale at the event. A small range of T-shirts and Hoodies are also available.

Of course we are planning another edition of BF5Days in 2025. We hope to be able to announce the date and the running areas at the Start of the BF5Days 2024. We are planning something special for 2025, not far from the 2024 maps.

Some runners asked us for help and advice with finding the right accommodation for them, therefore we put together some information which you can read on our subpage “Accomodation”. To start with, have a look at the “Location” page to see where exactly the BF5Days will be held in 2024. We are in quite a remote part of the Bavarian Forest, but there is ample accommodation. It does need slightly more effort to find the best accommodation for your needs, the easy options of booking portals such as booking .com often to not offer the full range available and it pays out to look beyond. On the “accommodation” page, you can also find links to the booking portals of all adjacent communities (Haidmühle, Philippsreut, Mauth, Waldkirchen and Freyung).

Camper Vans
It is always a popular option to travel to orienteering events with your own camper van. The laws in Germany generally point in the direction that you have to overnight at officially recognised locations. The local tourism office has compiled a list of overnight locations which you can also find at our “Accommodation” page.


Thanks to our most important Partner!

Course Planners' Meeting 2024, April

Here are a few impressions of our competition area in rather bad weather conditions!
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Mobirise Website Builder

Mobirise Website Builder

Mobirise Website Builder

Course Planners' Meeting 2024, May

Here are a few impressions of our competition area in better weather conditions!
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2024 Event Shirt



The trail running festival through 3 countries

Surrounded by the most beautiful view in the tri-border area – the Bavarian Forest and the Bohemian Forest – the 3Kings3Hills Trailrun will take place on July 13, 2024 – on Saturday after BF5Days. With 5 different routes 3Kings has provided for every running level: 6KM, 14KM, 25KM, 40KM and 54KM – there is something for everyone! The running event is already in its third round – registration is already open. More information about the event can be found here:

Our drinks sponsor: Lang Bräu Freyung

We again managed to secure the support of the local brewery for our 2024 edition: Lang Bräu in Freyung. All winners will receive a drink out of their extensive range, inclusive their specialized locally brewed beer or their big range of lemonades. The local clubs who support our event by providing the catering will offer Lang Bräu beverages at all forest stages. Prost! 

What is included in the entry fee

Organizing and running a 5 day orienteering event in Bavarian forest is a fairly big undertaking, including over a year of planning, many visits to the area as well as hours on the computer, by many people. Here is a short list what you are getting for your entry fee:

Free parking on all 5 days, no extra parking fees!
• 4 high quality forest maps, made by Ingo Horst. Ingo updates these maps again 1 month before the event!
Land usage fees we have to pay to the property owners: Permission to run in these forests does not come cheaply.
• A well-oiled IT and timing machine: Live results, monitors and publications of the results directly after the run.
• All other services a large orienteering event offers: all relevant permission, price giving ceremony and class prices, food and drink providers, toilets,    orienteering shop and a competent and friendly event team  

  • Event Organiser: Peter Weinig, 
  • Map Maker: Ingo Horst
  • Responsible Timing and IT: Simon  Harston
  • Technical Director: Ronny Natho
  • Course Setters: Roland Vogl, Klemens Janischowski and Veikko Baath
  • Event Team: Roland & Karin Vogl and many more
  • Orienteering Shop: Sport Vogl

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