Accommodation during the BF5Days

My personal experience and recommendation:
We also had to book accommodation locally for our many planning visits. I noticed that many holiday apartments and houses are not listed on and similar portals. It is well worth to visit the accommodation pages of the local communities and contact the listed accommodation yourself, either by mail or phone. They reacted quite fast and I found some fantastic holiday flats which otherwise we would not have found!

Here are a few thoughts how to find good accommodation for the BF5Days

A central issue for runners of a multi-day competition is of course accommodation. While the region around Haidmühle and Philippsreut might not be a major tourist destination, there are nevertheless many accommodation providers, definitely enough to house all BF5Days competitors. Next to the village of Mitterfirmiansreut is a substantial wintersports area which necessitates a large number of beds. Three of the five stages of the BF5Days are within this ski area.

Some communities in the eastern Bavarian Forest work together on tourism issues and have a shared accommodation portal that lists many option, such as holiday flats, complete houses of chalets as well as campsites, here is the link to this portal.

On the page, you can also find a PDF listing all accommodation providers, download it here. There is also a good overview map,  find it here.

The town of Waldkirchen, location of the city sprint, has its own accommodation portal, the link is here.

Accommodation portals of adjacent communities:



Each of the three communities where the BF5Days 2024 will be staged has their own websites, here are the links.




Campervan locations and camp sites in Waldkirchen

There are a few camper van options in Waldkirchen, where on the Sunday the city sprint will be staged. Here is the link. The Camping Resort Bayerwald also has various camper van options as well as camping and tenting opportunities.

Camper vans
It is always a popular option to travel to orienteering events with your own camper van. The laws in Germany generally point in the direction that you have to overnight at officially recognised locations. The local tourism office has compiled a list of overnight locations which you can find here!

Camp sites
Many camp sites are also included in the list of camper van locations. Please klick the button below for the complete list:


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