Bavarian Forest 5 Days 2022
Orienteering Cup
Viechtach & Bodenmais

30 July - 3 August 2022

A 5 day orienteering competition in the fantastic nature of the Bavarian Forest.

Here, we will add information once available:

  • 5 Stages: 4 forest stages, 1 city sprint!
  • Totally new areas: 5 new areas, never mapped or used before!
  • Activity holiday options: Loads of things to do for the entire family!
  • Great accommodationMany accommodation options from top hotels and holiday flats to youth hostel and camping park!
  • Event Organisers: Peter Weinig, Karin & Roland Vogl
  • Map Maker: Ingo Horst
  • Responsible Timing and IT: Simon  Harston
  • Technical Director: Ronny Natho
  • Course Setters: Roland Vogl, Klemens & Fabian Janischowsky

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Update 4 April 2022: M80, Course Lengths Day 5 and Courses Day 3 Crown Mountain

We got a few enquiries from more senior runners if it would be possible to offer a M80. This surprised me as I did not expect enough interest for a M80 classification. We now will offer the M80, it is already possible to sign up on Orienteering Online. The course will be identical to the M75 but with its own classification. The usual requirement of a minimum of 5 competitors also applies.

Course Lengths
The preliminary lengths for Day 5, Pointy Mountain have now been published. You can see them here or via the button below.

Day 3, Crown Mountain
Finally, most of the snow has thawed and together with our course setter Klemens we were able to have a closer look at control post locations, courses and general runability. The results are positive: The map is accurate, the course concept works and the forest is as runable as the map suggests. One challenge runners will face is to assign the many rock formations in the forest to the corresponding symbols on the map. Klemens had the following comment after walking once through the entire area:

This is a classically Bavarian Forest: some thickets and little commercial forestry. The area has overall a good runability, very good visibility, is not too steep and only in patches stony underfoot: In short, it allows fast running in the open forest. The main character of the map are the many rock formations in all shape and sizes.

This is pretty much our previous impression and the reaction we had hoped for. To be able to better assign rock formations in the forest to symbols on the map, Ingo, our map maker came up with a specific classifications for some rocks. This is described in detail here with photos and examples; it will also be listed again in the event brochure.

Our last important check before we left the area was the restaurant at the Harlachberg where our event centre will be located. This test was hugely successful!

Please remember that we have published already the day to day information (Link hier) which gives you a good idea about the competition area but also what’s planned each day.

Important: You can still change your category on Orienteering Online (link here) even after you have signed up at no extra cost. So you can now study the course lengths and then decide if you want to change your category!

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