Bavarian Forest 5 Days - BF5Days 2023

5 Days orienteering competition in the forests around Bodenmais in the heart of the Bavarian Forest

29 July - 2 August 2023

The new event tops have arrived!

As with the BF5Days 2022, there will be a special edition BF5Days 2023 event top. For 2023, we have come up with a slightly different and perhaps unusual design. Wearing your event top will certainly draw attention and hopefully will remind you of the fantastic forests and the Bavarian flair of the BF5Days 2023.

The shirts can now be ordered in our web shop. Payment is via bank transfer in advance. The shirts can then be picked up at the event. We will also order a few extra shirts to give runners the option to decide on a last minute purchase, but its best to pre order to guarantee size and design. The shirts cost 30 Euros if pre-ordered, 38 Euros if purchased at the event. We will also offer again the cotton hoodies and T-shirts with the BF5Days logo printed onto the chest.

All merchandise can be ordered until 1 June 2023. 

Update: 6 February 2023 - W75 and course lenghts

New Category W75

We have received several inquiries from older runners, if it would be possible to offer a W75. I have to admit that I didn't expect that there would be enough runners for this category. The request was not only for a separate category, but also for a shorter version than the W65 and W70. So, we will now offer a W75! This is already activated on Orienteering Online for registration. The course will be a bit shorter than the W70, but with the same technical difficulties. The minimum requirement of 5 runners in the category must still be met.

First round of course length data

We have already received some inquiries about the course lengths. Understandably, all runners want to know what running times, distances or elevation gain they can expect at the BF5Days 2023. I too am always happy when the course lengths are known before the registration deadline expires. We can now publish the course lengths of 3 running days. Click on the button below for course lengths from day 1 to day 3. Of course, lengths and elevation can still change slightly, but the general lengths will remain the same.

Also remember that the Day to Day Details (link here) already contains a lot of information about the respective running days. 

Update: 19th January 2023

While winter sports enthusiasts might be upset about the lack of snow in the hills, this situation is ideal for the course setting team to head onto the maps and check the first control post locations. Their reactions range from: “well runable open forest” to “fantastic but quite difficult rock formations” and “quite a wilderness for a German forest”. We believe that the course will challenge not only the runner but definitely the orienteer. This enables us to already published same day to day information. We have put this together into a PDF which can find by clicking here. We are planning to publish the first course data soonish.

On Day 3, one of the local orienteering clubs, OLV Landshut will organize a Trail-O as an extra offer to all orienteers. You can find more information on our Trail-O sub page here.

We have received the first batch of samples of our event orienteering tops and already had the opportunity to thoroughly test them. Feed back for our slightly different design was mostly favourable, you can already pre-order the event tops in our webshop here. More information and pictures can be found on our merchandise sub page here. Maybe some of you asking yourself why there are no pictures of our women shirts in action. The simple reason is that we asked for some minor changes with the design and are now waiting for the next badge of sample. Once we have them, we will publish photos here. 

The maps for 2023 have been made!

Ingo, our map maker, has just spent 10 days in the forests around Bodenmais to draw up our maps for 2023. The terrain is similar to 2022. There are lots of rocks and rocky outcrops, and then some more rocks. The course planners will have plenty of features to choose from. We will be running in one of central Germany’s largest mountainous areas, and yes, there will only be a few flat areas – slopes, sometimes quite steep, will all part of the BF5Days experience! The forests are in part quite a wilderness, there is definitely some green, but a large part is open white forests, in which we will concentrate the courses. Here are the first impressions of the running areas and snapshots of the new maps.

What is included in the entry fee

Organizing and running a 5 day orienteering event in Bavarian forest is a fairly big undertaking, including over a year of planning, many visits to the area as well as hours on the computer, by many people. Here is a short list what you are getting for your entry fee:

Free parking on all 5 days, no extra parking fees!
Bus shuttle from event center to start/finish on 2 different days (so we can access new areas of the map without long walk to the start/finish)
Bus shuttle on Day 5 from the car park to the event center. As there is no parking close by, this area would otherwise not be accessible to us!
• 4 high quality forest maps, made by Ingo Horst. Ingo updates these maps again 1 month before the event!
• Enhanced public transport Bodenmais – event center Bretterschachten
• All other services a large orienteering event offers: SI timing and result service, all relevant permission, price giving ceremony and class prices, food and drink providers, toilets, orienteering shop and a friendly event team 

 TrailO Event alongside BF5Days 2023!

We added another attractive event offer for our participants: in the afternoon after the 3rd stage an event in Trail Orienteering (TrailO = precision orienteering) will be organized in a beautiful rocky terrain not far from the event centre. Everyone who likes to test his or her navigation skills without becoming physical exhausted is warmly welcome to join the PreO race. Further information can be found on our TrailO subpage here. The registration is to be done separately from the 5 days event, but in OrienteeringOnline as well.

See you at our TrailO event.

Update: 10 October 2022

We have added information for camper vans on our Accommodation page. Click here for details.

In our last update we discussed our plans for 2023. If you are interested in joining us in 2023, I think you should have a quick look at it. You can find our past updates here.

We included information on the new competition areas, the earlier start times (on popular request!) and how they are assigned to runners, public transport, how the courses are assigned to categories as well as our 2 new categories Open Middle Easy and Kids 12 Shadow, leisure activities in Bodenmais and the city sprint there. Click here for details! 

  • Event Organiser: Peter Weinig, 
  • Map Maker: Ingo Horst
  • Responsible Timing and IT: Simon  Harston
  • Technical Director: Ronny Natho
  • Course Setters: Roland Vogl, Klemens Janischowski and Veikko Baath
  • Event Team: Roland & Karin Vogl, Petra Lange and the Orienteering section of the SV Mietraching
  • Orienteering Shop: Sport Vogl

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If you are asking yourself what we have been up to:

Ronny, our Technical Director, who not only checks all our control locations but also puts many controls out on competition day, has had a fantastic 2022 season himself in M45: German Champion middle distance, silver long distance and overall winner of the German league! Congratulations Ronny!

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