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The BF5Days with bus & train

Is participation in the BF5Days 2023 possible with only using public transport?

The answer is "Yes", according to our current plans, the entire competition should be possible by public transport. Although the Bavarian Forest is quite rural, the public transport network is surprisingly dense.

Remember: Free public transport with the GUTI ticket (more information lower down)

At the  Langlaufzentrum Bretterschachten where 3 days will be staged, there is a bus stop right in front of the competition center, even closer than the allocated car park. There is an hourly bus from Bodenmais (roughly a 12 minute ride) and Bayerisch Eisensteim.  Click here for the timetable, it is line number 6198. 

Additional buses: We put in some considerable effort to make the running areas accessible by public transport in 2022. The additional buses to the Bretterschachten were eventually put on with the huge support from the local council, although unfortunately very last minute. I do realize that there is scope for improvement but the basics have been established and we intend to build on this. Our aim is to have the buses running every 30 minutes (with half of them for our runners only) and offer that also for the way back to Bodenmais in the afternoon. I think we can do better here than in 2022, once the details will become clearer we will publish them on this page.

For one day (planned: Day 5), there will be shuttle buses from a large car park in Bodenmais which can be reached on foot from the town centre.

To reach Bodenmais by train you can use the scenic Waldbahn (forest railway), which connects once per hour in Plattling to the German long distance network. Click here for the Waldbahn timetable.

City Sprint: On Tuesday, we will have again the city sprint. This is planned in the town center of Bodenmais itself, putting all running areas within 8 km. Free parking will be offered for the city sprint within walking distance.

Please note: If you are looking at local timetable right now, often only the winter or spring timetables are displayed.  These have significant less connections than the busy summer timetables. 

Also interesting to know is that nearly the entire public transport in the district of Regen (which includes both Bodenmais and Viechtach) is free of charge if you have a GUTI ticket. You will get this ticket automatically from the accommodation provider, be this hotel, hostel or a camp site when you stay overnight at any of the participating communities.
More details for the GUTI ticket here.
Communities offering the  Guti ticket.

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