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In the build up to the Sprint day of the BF5Days 2022 in Viechtach, we asked for ideas for the control description for Viechtach’s fantastic man-sized icecream cone, with extra cream, and this was the best suggestion: 


As control card description, we received following suggestion:


Wooden stake and pyre?

For our 2023 new area and map, known as Oberlohwies, we have a similar request with an unusual wooden stake and pyre which we found. After a little bit of research, we found that it is in fact a manmade prop for an episode of the German-Austrian thriller series, Der Pass. Since the series is all about ritual murders, we have to assume that this is the scene of a ritual murder. It is located in a fantastic rock labyrinth and would make the perfect control site…..so the question is, what is the control description for a wooden stake and pyre and how would that be shown as a pictograph?!?! And is there a special map symbol other that an X?

We look forward to your suggestions!  

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